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Pengaruh Koalitas Pelayanan Dan Nilai Pelanggan Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan

Author Felicia Kurniawan K. 2008.1.30938
Category Manajemen Pemasaran


Quality is the overall traits and characteristics of a product or service in terms of its progress to meet the determined needs or latent as stated in Lupiyanto. Meanwhile, the service delivery is a spectrum of activities which enhance the activity and expectations toward clients’ enjoyment on the benefits of products (either goods or services) received. Consumer behavior is the individual activities directly involved in obtaining and using the product, including the decision-making process on preparation and determination of the activity about to be achieved and customer value is the value customer received on the difference between the customer total value and the customer total cost. The customer total value is a collection of the customers’ expected benefits toward the product or service.The results obtained through R Square analysis around 0.821, which meant free variables in the study were direct evidence (X1), responsiveness (X2), reliability (X3), collateral (X4), empathy (X5) and customer value (X6) simultaneously bound variables in explaining customer satisfaction (Y) equal to 82.1%, while the remaining 17.9% explained by other variables were not specified in this study or model. From partial hypothesis tests, it was found that direct evidence variables (X1) had the largest regression coefficient (0.193). This indicated that direct evidence variables (X1) possessed variables dominant influence on customer satisfaction (Y).