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Pengaruh Marketing Mix Dan Customer Service Terhadap Loyalitas Konsumen

Author Oscar Robert Chandra Christian, K. 21008.30941
Category Manajemen Pemasaran


Toy store "homu game" madiun, currently facing tight competition from similar stores. if the store is not able to compete, then the consumer will not be loyal and move to a competitor store. to overcome the competition, it needs the right marketing mix policy and cutomer service in order to maintain the maximum existing customers and attract new customers. Purpose of the study to determine the effect of marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place) and customer service simultaneously have a significant effect on customer loyalty and to determine the effect of marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place), and customer service are partially significant customer loyalty. population in the study were store customers an average of 40 people every day, or within 1 week to reach 280 people and examined as many as 56 people as the research sample of the results of multiple regression analysis concluded that: (1) Product, price, promotion, and place customer service as well as having a significant influence on customer loyalty, the higher the product, price, promotion and place customer service and the loyalty of consumers will be higher. of test results simultaneously concluded that: 1) the product price promotion place and customer service together have a significant impact on customer loyalty (in terms of value of F count = 116 993 is greater than F table = 2.38 at 0.000 ; 2 probability). donation or a variable proportion of products, pricing, distribution and promotion channels of 0.921 or 92.1% with the remaining 7.9% is influenced by other independent variables were not included in this study of the results, the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place) and customer service must still be done in order to increase customer loyalty. "Homu game" is a reference that the public in obtaining a quality game, so the “image” needs to be maintained and preserved by giving proportional intonation and informative so that people remain confident and believe that homu game provides gaming products quality. development of the world 'game' has become a necessity for consumers, especially students, therefore the store manager should continue to provide games that are up to date in order to retain existing customers.