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Penyusunan Strategi Pemasaran Hotel Dalam Membentuk Citra Positif Di Masyarakat

Author Andreas Soekianto K. 2008.30990
Category Manajemen Perbankan


The purpose of this study is to determine the hotel's marketing activities and to find out what kind of marketing strategies for hotels in creating a positive image in the community.The analysis is done through SWOT analysis stage (includes product, price, distribution and promotion channels, the economy, technology, government, competitors and customers), the input stage (IFE, EFE), phase matching (SWOT Matrix, Matrix IE) and the decision stage ( QSPM). After analyzing the data, it can be concluded: a) have the power of a kind and facilities, competitive prices and the relative strategic locations, while the disadvantage is the limited promotion, no agents, no swimming pool and limited access roads. The opportunities of the hotel is the inflation rate tends to decline, development of technology, as a potential customer and the support of the government. From the analysis of IFE (Internal Factor Evaluation), it has a strong internal position, and the weighting on the analysis of EFE (External Factor Evaluation) have a great opportunity. Based on the SWOT analysis and the IE strategy can be recommended for Ollino Garden Hotel is increased promotional activity, growth strategy and build. From the analysis QSPM with the right strategy is a strategy of increased promotional activity. Strategies recommended for Ollino Garden is increasing promotional activities by organizing mutual communication (two way traffic communications) between the hotel and the public (eg Union Hotel in Malang, government and private agencies, both within the city and outside the city of Malang Malang), distribution of brochures, holding important events such as school holidays, feast, christmas, new year, sponsorship, actively participated in the exhibition PHRI incorporated in Malang. To deal with the threat, facilities need improvement and maximum service and the efficiency of production costs, both labor costs and cost of operations.