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Pengaruh Penggunaan Elektronik Payment Terhadap Transaksi Pembelian yang Dilakukan di Toko yang Memiliki Teknologi Elektronik Payment

Author Freddy Sugianto K. 2008.1.31013
Category Manajemen Perbankan


This research aims to analyze and obtain evidence of the influence of perception of the technology, ease of use, and risk of the owner of the store and the cashier in the service of komsumen in using Electronic Payment. The results of this research are expected to be contributed to the stores in malang that use Electronic Payment in order to give effect to the development of the store. This research was conducted at the shop (Malang) with distributed questionnaires to the checkout clerk 50 and shop owners who use Electronic Payment and use EDC on such shops tekhnologi one. Testing was done using the deskriktif method of deskriktif software used in report I was using a case study analysis The object of this research that I take is a shop in the city of Malang (The Blimbing Area, Klojen Area, Kolonel sugiono, And Dinoyo )Areas that use Electronic Payment. The Data used in this research is the primary data, and data collection conducted using questionnaires directly with descriptive method. The results of this research show that the perception of the technology, ease of use, and risk to use Electronic Payment, especially in the city of Malang