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Pengaruh Marketing Mix Terhadap Kepuasan Konsumen Minyak Anget Serba Guna Tombak Pusaka Di Perusahaan Jamu Gotong Royong Pura Bali Singaraja

Author Komang Ary Wiriani K.2008.1.31044
Category Manajemen Pemasaran


Study was to determine the effect of the Marketing Mix Of Consumer Satisfication Minyak Anget Serba Guna Tombak Pusaka in Gotong Royong Pura Bali Singaraja Company. From the results of the identification of the respondents, it is known that most of the respondents aged between 21-25 years and 31-40 years for a description of the calculation of the frequency response rate equal number of respondents is 19 respondent, and most of them worked as private employes total of 27 respondents. However, most respondents chose Minyak Anget Serba Guna Tombak Pusaka as many as 47 women. Based on the results of the analysis can be seen that: The magnitude of the influence of product, price, placement and promotion to customer satisfication is 55.1% where as the remaining 44.9% influenced by other variables not included independent variables in this study, I proposed hypothesis can be accepted, because the F count = 24.591> F table = 2.48 and the coefesien regression is 0,287 Partially, independent variables (product, price, placement, promotion) has a significant influence on the satisfaction of having the t value is greater than t table. And it can be concluded that the variable product has a dominant influence on the Y variable customer satisfaction when compared with the other variables independent variables.