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Analisis Pengaruh Budaya Organisasi dan Leadership Skill terhadap Resistensi Karyawan pada Perubahan melalui Motivasi dan Kinerja sebagai Variabel Mediasi

Author Aristoteles Maria Fraga Guterres S.2010-2.00223
Category Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia


Some yield research found that failure major initiative the changes initiated by the company due to the rejection of employees. During the last few decades diskursus about resistance employees to change has managed to attract the attention of practitioners, and academics to develop a model of the antecedents change, however until now is still not produced the evidence conclusive about a model which most effective to be applied especially by organizations in public sector. This research aimed at finding a model line with the best in influencing resistance employees. A variable that is involved, some of them cultural organization ( x1 ), leadership skill ( x2 ), motivation an employee ( z1 ), and the performance of an employee ( z2 ). Variable sexes also included as control over variable motivation and performance. Testing was done using analysis lines which in principle is regression analysis that has been distandarisasi. Respondents is an employee in rsu guido valadares a total of 175 the number of samples set with proportionate random sampling techniques. Of 175 a questionnaire distributed, as many as 165 a questionnaire returned to level the response of 95,37 %. From a model of a line developed in early found several ways that are not significant and should be done a trimming. The result of testing modeled after a trimming concluded that cultural organization influential either directly or indirectly against a resistance an employee at change. Indirect effect cultural organization mediated by variable performance that is controlled by a variable sexes. Along with an increase in performance, employees woman was found to have the resistance to change that smaller than employees man. While leadership skill do not affect directly against a resistance to the change, but influential indirectly via motivation then through the performance of employees. The strongest influence is of cultural organization, where its influence the total was recorded at -3,370. Diversity data can be explained by models track after a trimming by 22.4 %.