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Analisa Faktor-Faktor Kualitas Pelayanan Terhadap Kepuasan Nasabah Pada LPD Desa Adat Tukadmungga Singaraja-Bali

Author Didik Indranatha
Category Manajemen Perbankan


This study aims to determine whether the service quality dimensions consist of: reliability, assurance, tangible, responsiveness and empathy can influence customer satisfaction as well as to find out the five dimensions of service quality, which one has dominant influence on customer satisfaction at LPD Tukadmungga. This research is expected to give a benefit to the Villagers of LPD Tukadmungga by increasing its existence to give well services to its customers for the purpose of receipt as the key success as one source of funding for rural development, especially in the village of Tukadmungga Singaraja, Bali. The hypotheses in this study are: First Hypothesis = The five dimensions of service quality (service quality) are influenced by : reliability (X1), assurance (X2), tangible (X3), responsiveness (X4) and empathy (X5) impact on customer satisfaction simultaneously (Y). Second Hypothesis = Empathy (X5) partially have dominant influence on customer satisfaction (Y) compared with the reliability (X1), assurance (X2), tangible (X3), responsiveness (X4). This research was conducted at LPD Tukadmungga by distributing 50 questionnaires to customers during a visit or transactions. The research was conducted by using multiple regression in analysis tests of F significance and t where previously tested the validity, reliability test, and four (4) classic assumption test to ensure the data to be examined as riil, reliable, and obvious valid data, so that it does not create a bias. A service system quality of LPD Tukadmungga as a whole part is in well category, but LPD needs to fix the system in the form of infrastructure or in the study referred to by tangible (X3), as the research result above, the dimensional tangible factors physical has the regression coefficient (b) 0.95 that which is said to be very inadequate compared to other dimensions.