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Perencanaan Strategi Berbasis Balanced Scorecard pada Perusahaan Kecap Trisno Kediri

Author Djoko Sugiono dan Yessica
Category Akuntansi Manajemen dan SIA


Increased competition in the soy sauce industry make local companies, especially companies that operate with limited manpower must make a change if want to control the market and win the competition. The object of this case study is Trisno Ketchup Company, where this company is one of the local ketchup in Kediri that had stood for a long time and still survive until now. However, this company has not been able to seize market share as competitors. This study has two objectives. The first is to evaluate the type of plan used Trisno Ketchup Company management over the years. Second, design strategic management system based on the stage of the Balanced Scorecard strategic planning for the management of the company proposed to be used as a management system organization because planning system organization which has been used is not relevant to the company. The results of soy sauce business environment analysis and the evaluation of planning type that used, reviewed from the business environment faced by the company concluded that the Trisno Ketchup Company must change the planning system before into the planning system with the Balanced Scorecard approach because this approach is able to guide the management and employees of the company as it navigates a tough competition, as well as assist in making strategic decisions that affect the achievement of the Trisno Ketchup Company 's vision.