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Author lucas Giovanno
Category Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia


Any company that wants optimal results definitely have goals that must be achieved. In achieving that goal, the company requires human resources. The indicators that affect human resources is Commitment, Motivation, and Performance. At this research, the researcher added one the indicator is Job Satisfication. The researcher use the Dewarna Hotel as a research object. The population is all employees of the Dewarna Hotel with the sample about 46 employees. The purpose of this research is to look if there is a direct and indirect influence of commitment, motivation, performance and job. To find the results, the researcher used a the questionnaire test. The researcher used path analysis method to find first hypothesis about the direct influence between commitment and motivation to performance and second hypothesis about the indirectly influence of commitment and motivation to performance and there is indirect influence between the commitment, motivation to job satisfaction through performance. Result of calculation the path analysis, the research prove that there is a direct influence of commitment and motivation to performance. In this research, motivation improve the performance is greater than commitment. Beside that, There are also indirect influence between the commitment and motivation to job satisfaction through performance as an intervening variable. Motivation can improve job satisfaction, but if through the performance, the results obtained will be increased.