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Analisis Pengaruh Rasio Profitabiltas dan Rasio Solvabilitas Terhadap Harga Saham, Studi pada Perusahaan Food and Beverages yang Terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia Periode 2011 sd 2013

Author Margaretha Dyah Ayu Benga Doni
Category Manajemen Perbankan


This study aimed to examine the effect of variable Return On Asset (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE), Earning Per Share (EPS), and Debt to Equity Ratio (DER), to the stock price on the company's food and beverages listed on the Stock Exchange Indonesia period 2011 till 2013. This research includes the study of causal. The study population was food and beverages company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. After going through the purposive sampling, the sample is 18 companies. Results from this study showed that: (1) ROA significant positive effect on the stock price, (2) ROE effect posited significantly influence stock prices, (3) EPS significant positive effect on stock prices, (3) DER no significant effect on stock prices and (4) Profitability ratios (ROA, ROE, and DER) and the solvency ratio (DER) simultaneously significant effect on stock prices Keywords: ROA, ROE, EPS, DER, Stock Price