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Persepsi Konsumen mengenai Pengembangan Produk Velbed pada CV. Tumiran, Kec. Ngunut, Kab. Tulungagung

Author M. Toyib Hadi Pranata
Category Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia


The purpose of this research is to know the level consumers perception of product development velbed in CV. Tumiran, Kec. Ngunut, Kab. Tulungagung. Sample in this research was consumers who have purchased products velbed who total 50 respondents. A method of the sample used is the method non probability of sampling. The method of analysis data using Importance Performance Analysis (IPA). In this research be a assessment of thoroughly by consumers on the quality of products. The research results show that the consumer perceptions for each attribute velbed and now almost in conformity with expectation consumers. This demonstrable of the value of the calculation on the average level of conformity to which are nearing 100 % is as much as 99,10 %. In addition, attribute attached to velbed also was not found in A quadrant A and D because most attribute located in the B , which means that of a whole attributes there are be considered important by consumers and its performance has in conformity with expectation they so the perception consumers of products velbed is considered good. The remaining attribute located in the C although considered less important, its performance also not good, and repairs not be priority but, the company still needs to repair so will make all attribute important and good that gradually will make major influence on consumers.