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Author Steven Lie
Category Manajemen Pemasaran


In the development of the business world that is so rapid at this time many companies continue to conduct evaluations and innovations in running their business. even in some companies are willing to spend substantial costs to find ways to improve the performance of their companies, both in the development of the system and on the effectiveness of human resources in it. the presence of such intense competition now also encourages companies to continue to approach consumers in a variety of unique ways from the company. One way that companies can do to improve their marketing performance is by doing marketing analysis. Marketing analysis is an analysis or implementation to study various market problems. .Market analysis will involve market location, market size, market nature and market characteristics. the success of the company's business can be determined by the accuracy of the marketing strategy that is implemented with the basis of considering the situation and conditions of the market analysis doing marketing analysis it is expected that the management will obtain a number of recommendations to improve the performance of their employees and marketing activities that take place within the company, especially in the marketing department. the more effective the performance of the marketing party in the company, the higher the results achieved, namely the higher consumer trust and interest in the company. this will greatly affect the profits obtained by the company, because the higher the number of consumers, the profit opportunities in the company will also increase. from the description above we can know how important the performance of marketing parties in a company without putting aside other functions that help improve the company's performance. the importance of marketing to the company will also help maintain the company's position in the community. in the development of the business world that has been increasingly rapid lately companies need to conduct various ways of approaching the community so that the company is known and trusted by the community. This study aims to determine the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of the marketing department within the company and to determine the role of marketing analysis in assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of the marketing department within the company. This research was conducted at PT. simpatindo Multimedia, which is one of the first Telkomsel distributor companies operating in the city of Malang. The research method used is descriptive research method with the type of case study research. in this study, an analysis of six components of marketing analysis was carried out which included marketing environment, marketing strategy, marketing organization, marketing system, marketing productivity and marketing function. based on the results of the analysis of the six components of marketing analysis it can be seen that the company already has a good marketing organization and in general the marketing of the company has been running effectively and efficiently because of the marketing costs that are able to achieve sales targetscompany and experienced an increase from 2014 to 2016.