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Author Riza Anggi Kusuma Dewi
Category Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia


Each company has a different leadership style, which is of course very closely related to the performance of its employees. To create high performance requires a good and quality leadership style. Because the leader's activities are directly related to the execution of work so that employee behavior can be encouraged and directed to achieve the agreed goals. This study aims to analyze the influence of leadership style on employee performance in order to see the extent of employee performance with the implementation of the leadership style carried out by the leader. That has a long impact on the employee's own work spirit. Variables used include instructive leadership style (X1), consultative leadership style (X2), participatory leadership style (X3) and delegative leadership style (X4). This research method uses quantitative with a correlational approach. The location of this research is at UD. Karya Mas Pandaan, with the object of his research namely UD employees. Karya Mas. Samples taken were 68 people with the same population. Taking the sample size using a questionnaire. Data analysis used in this study is Multiple Linear Regression. Adjusted R2 calculation results of 0.535 can be explained that 53.5% of UD Employee Performance. Mas's work is able to be explained by Instructional Leadership variables (X1), Consultative Leadership (X2), Participatory Leadership (X3), Delegative Leadership (X4) and 46.5% or 0.465 due to other variables not observed.