Date: 27-10-2021 Digital Publication Services : OSREL | JABM | JAM | ABMR | ABMCS

Analisis Pengaruh Citra Perbankan, Kualitas Pelayanan Dan Prosedur Kredit Terhadap Keputusan Nasabah Mengambil Kredit

Author Indiarto Setyo Nugroho
Category Manajemen Pemasaran


This study aims to determine the effect of the banking image, service quality and credit procedures on customer decisions at the BRI Bank Sekaran branch now from customer decision variables to take credit. Sampling in this study using purposive sampling technique. Data analysis techniques used in this study were multiple linear regression, Classic Assumption Test, Determiance Coefficient Test, t Test. The calculation results show that the customer's decision to take credit has an effect on customer satisfaction. Bank BRI now has a Lamongan branch. Quality of service that has empathy, and direct evidence has a partial effect on customer satisfaction. Bank BRI has now a Lamongan branch. The most dominant service quality variable in this study