Date: 27-10-2021 Digital Publication Services : OSREL | JABM | JAM | ABMR | ABMCS

Penerapan Analisis 5c Untuk Mencegah Kredit Bermasalah Studi Pada Bank Bpd Kaltimtara Cabang Malinau

Author Desi Natalia
Category Akuntansi Manajemen dan SIA


The study aims to determine the application of 5C in prevening non-performing loans at the Bank BPD Kaltimtara Cabnag Malinau. The mechanism of implementing preventing onn-performing loans in the Bank BPD Kaltimtara Cabang Malinau is also one of the analysis materials. The research method used is descriptive qualitative research method. For the analysis method using 5C. The results of this study indicate that the Bank BPD Kaltimtara Cabang Malinau in applying the principle of 5C is not good. Because Bank BPD Kaltimtara Cabang Malinau only applies the 5C principle analysis, namely character, capacity, capital, collateral. Whereas the condition of economic is stil not implemented. So there are still quite a lot of customers who are in arrears or experience bad credit.