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Pengaruh Variabel Makro Ekonomi terhadap Profitabilitas (Studi Pada Bank Yang Tidak Listing)

Author Nur Rohmah Hidayah
Category Manajemen Perbankan


This study aims to determine the effect of macroeconomic variables, consisting of exchange rates, interest rates, inflation on bank profitability. The study was conducted on banks that were not listed with a random sample of 25 banks for 4 years (2014-2017). The analytical method uses the classical assumption test, multiple linear regression analysis with hypothesis testing. The results showed that the exchange rate and inflation had a significant positive effect on ROA, while the interest rate had no significant effect on ROA. The results of the study contributed to the exchange rate, interest rates, inflation to profitability of banks that were not listed. The coefficient of determination or adj R2 of 0.489 or 48.9% variation in ROA is explained by variations in exchange rates (X1), interest rates (X2), and inflation (X3). Macroeconomic variables simultaneously affect the profitability of banks that are not listed.