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Pengaruh Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) Dan Counterproductive Work Behavior (CWB) Dengan Usia Sebagai Variabel Moderating Terhadap Intention To Stay Pada Perusahaan PT. Victory International Future

Author Citra Novia Cristine Samosir
Category Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia


This study aims to examine simultaneously and partially how much influence the Organizational Citizenship Behavior (X1), Counterproductive Work Behavior (X2) has a simultaneous influence on the variable Intention to Stay (Y) of PT Victory International Futures in Malang with age as a variable Moderation. The population used in this study were 60 employees at PT Victory International Futures in Malang. While the sample used is 60 employees or the entire population. The sampling technique in this study is to use percentages. The method used in data collection is questionnaire. From the results of the hypothesis using the t test obtained that the results of all independent variables affect the dependent variable. Influential variables are the Organization Citizenship Behavior and the Counterproductive Work Behavior test because they have a significance value of less than 0.050. So it can be concluded that the Organization Citizenship Behavior and Counterproductive Work Behavior are sufficient to improve the performance of employees in a company because employee contributions are very influential in smoothing the company's path to get a good profit, and the hypothesis is accepted. Meanwhile, the moderating variable that is Age has no significant effect on Intention to Stay because it has a significance value of less than 0.050 so it can be concluded that Age is not able to moderate OCB and CWB on improving employee performance in a company because Age does not guarantee a person's performance at work.