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Pengaruh Lingkungan Kerja, Kompensasi Non Finansial, Motivasi, Dan disiplin Kerja Terhadap Kinerja Guru (Studi Di SMKN 5 Kota Malang)

Author Fahmi Hamami
Category Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia


In the current era of globalization where technology and civilization are already very advanced, human resources demand more competency to have high morale and discipline when carrying out their roles and functions as well as possible for individuals or organizational goals. Because Human Resources is included in the advancement of science, development and technology. So that a country is currently very dependent on the quality and competence of its human resources. In the field of education it turns out that the quality of human resources needs to be improved and the efforts used to improve the quality are responded to in real terms by the application of Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 of 2005 concerning National Education Standards in chapter 28 article 28 where educators must have academic qualifications and competencies as agents learning physically and mentally healthy and have the ability to be able to realize the goals of national education that is to educate the nation's life and form a useful character and national civilization. This study will examine 4 independent variables, namely Work Environment, Non-Financial Compensation, Motivation, and Work Discipline on the dependent variable, namely Teacher Performance. The problems to be investigated are Work Environment, Non-Financial Compensation, Motivation, and Work Discipline at SMKN 5 Malang. The results of this study indicate that the results of all independent variables have an influence on the dependent variable. This is because all independent variables have a significance value of less than 0.050. So it can be concluded that the Work Environment (X1), Non-Financial Compensation (X2), Motivation (X3), and Work Discipline (X4) have a significant influence on Teacher Performance (Y) especially in Work Discipline variables because the results of this study are variable has the most dominant influence is Work Discipline