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Pengaruh Kesejahteraan Kerja, Lingkungan Kerja, dan Komunikasi terhadap Semangat Kerja

Author Mega Hendra Permadi
Category Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia


Human resource is the important assets of the organisation that have important role in deciding succed or not of the organisation or company to achieve the goal. This researce aims to determine the influence of welfare in work, work environment, and the communication in the spirit of work at the distric office in Banyuwangi. The method used in this study is quantitative method. And the population taken in this study amounted to 40 respondents, which is 20 respondents from Purwoharjo distric and the rest 20 respondents from Tegaldlimo distric. The variable in this study is the welfare of work (X1), Work enfironment (X2), Communication (X3), and Spirit of work (Y). The analysis result shows, there is an influence of simultan between variable welfare in work, work enfironment, and communication in the spirit of work. And in persial there is only one variable that have significant effect, that is variable of work enfironment. Because the significant value is 0,050 and the value of the welfare in work is 0,059. And communication have signification value 0,0525. And on the coefficient of determination (adjusted R2). Obtained by 0,186 or 16,6%, variable of the spirit of work can be describe by variable of welfare in work, work enfironment, and communication. The rest 81,4% variable of the spirit of work that influence by another variable that didnít search in this study.